A Very Ludwig Christmas

Dear readers, it’s time for Ludwig to take his annual Christmas vacation, where he’ll get to spend some quality time with his pride.

Before stepping into the lion limo, Ludwig left us a present: a video of the construction of a Christmas tree made with more than 1,000 beer bottles. Enjoy!

Bon voyage, Ludwig; we’ll see you after the holidays!

The 2012 Calendar is Coming

This year’s festival season is starting to wind down, but Ludwig and his staff are hard at work on the 2012 calendar. They’ve put together listings for more than 100 events, including several Beer Weeks, with confirmed dates. Once they resolve a few technical questions, the 2012 preview will go live. We’ll let you know when on “Ludwig Roars” and on Twitter.

It Pays to Read “Ludwig Roars”

The January 1, 2010, Friday Mash contained the following item:

Finally, crowdsourcing meets high finance: the Buy a Beer Company, formed by two advertising executives, is trying to raise $300 million in pledges to buy the Pabst Brewing Company. Just wondering: have they run this idea past the Securities and Exchange Commission? (emphasis added)

As it turns out, they hadn’t. In April 2010, the SEC ordered the Buy a Beer promoters to stop selling shares in the company. According to the promoters’ lawyer, “it never dawned on them” that they needed to register the offering before any shares were actually sold. Had they been “Ludwig Roars” readers, it might have.

Announcing Our Beer Week Coverage

In recent years, aficionados in a growing number of cities across North America have organized Beer Weeks, city-, region-, and even state-wide celebrations of craft beer. A typical Beer Week opens with a kickoff event modeled after the Oktoberfest keg-tapping ceremony, and has a signature event such as a festival. Other events include beer dinners, releases and special tastings, meet-the-brewer events, pub crawls, and culinary and educational programs–along with offbeat gatherings like “beer proms.”

This past weekend, we opened a special Beer Week section in the Beer Festival Calendar. As of today, the list includes 26 Beer Weeks. That number will surely grow as more cities get on the bandwagon.

Another Crisis Solved

We experienced a slight technical glitch. The link-backs to older stories were broken. To fix it we had to reload everything. Our apologies for Ludwig Roars not being available for several hours. We’re back up and everything is displaying correctly.

Another crisis solved. (Paws crossed.) Let’s have a beer.

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