An Era Ends

You may have noticed that The Beer Festival Calendar hasn’t been updated for a while, and that there aren’t any new entries on this blog.

The reason is that Maryanne passed away on June 20. Her death was unexpected, and she was only 60 years old.

We’ve often said that maintaining the calendar and blog is a two-person (and a beer-drinking lion) operation. Paul was responsible for searching for festivals, answering correspondence, writing festival listings, and finding stories for this blog. That was the easy part.

Maryanne did the real work around here. She handled the technical end of the site, which entailed everything from dealing with hosting companies and honing her Rapid Weaver skills to making the physical changes to the site. Maryanne made sure this site was available and that you could access it.

Without Maryanne, this site has lost its heart and its soul. Thus I’m sad to announce that as a result her passing, there will be no more updates this year; and that The Beer Festival Calendar will not return in 2018.

My sincere thanks go to everyone who supported The Beer Festival Calendar. I’d especially like to thank those who contacted Ludwig with news about festivals to be added to the calendar. And I lift a pint in the general direction of the millions of people who visited our site during its (can it be that long?) 15-year run.

Cheers, everyone!

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