The Friday Mash (Forever in Blue Jeans Edition)

On this day in 1873, dry goods merchant Levi Strauss and his partner Jacob Davis were awarded a patent for copper rivets to reinforce their blue jeans. Their heavy-duty jeans, which were originally designed for soldiers and workingmen, became popular among teenagers during the 1950s and are now a world-wide symbol of American culture.

And now…The Mash!

We begin in Germany, where beer bikes are on the loose. Lance Armstrong wouldn’t recognize these contraptions, which are the size of minibuses and seat up to 16 merrymakers who pedal while a bartender serves them beer from a huge keg.

Celebrity chef Bryan Voltaggio has teamed up with Flying Dog Ales to create a beer that pairs with smoked food. It’s called Backyard Ale, and debuted at Volt, Voltaggio’s restaurant in Frederick, Maryland.

Admit it. You’ve seen the “Beer. Helping White Guys Dance Since 1842″ poster. And you chuckled. That slogan will get put to the test later when The Great American Techno Festival debuts in Denver the same week as the Great American Beer Festival.

Pabst Blue Ribbon’s owners are moving the brand’s headquarters to Los Angeles. Is that a good move? Not according to marketing professor Kelly O’Keefe, who thinks Pabst will lose its Midwestern identity.

If the San Jose Sharks win the Stanley Cup, beware of defenseman Douglas Murray. He might try to re-design the famous trophy. At Cornell University, Murray and his classmates invented a hands-free, three-spout beer keg tap, which he markets when he’s off the ice.

Lebanese entrepreneur Mazen Hajjar has founded a microbrewery that exports to 16 countries. It’s called 961, after Lebanon’s international dialing code, and brews a lager, a red ale, a witbier and a porter.

Finally, Advertising Age magazine looked at recent innovations in beer packaging. The gimmicks are cheesy, but according to Harry Schumacher of Beer Business Daily, they “break through the clutter” and get customers to pay attention.

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