The Friday Mash (Dating Game Edition)

Seventy-five years ago today, Martin Kamen and Sam Ruben discovered carbon-14, a radioactive isotope. It’s the basis of the radio-carbon dating method that determines an object’s age. However, bartenders still have to use ID cards to determine the age of their customers.

And now…The Mash!

We begin in Barlioche, a Patagonian resort town that has become the craft beer capital of the Andes. It’s home to 15 breweries, which join forces for a beer festival in December.

Last weekend, more than 100 people played whiffle ball in the snow in a Milwaukee-area park. Leinenkugel Brewing Company hosted the tournament to promote its Summer Shandy.

Experts aren’t sure why this happens, but recipients spend more on beer when food stamps are distributed on the weekend—even though the stamps can’t be used to buy beer.

The Brew Kettle, a Cleveland-area brewery, is rolling out an ale for Cavaliers basketball fans. “All For One” session IPA will be available at the brewery and at Cavs’ home games.

Hellboy, the character created by comic-book artist Mike Mignola, turned 21, and Rogue Ales celebrated his big birthday by releasing Hand of Doom Red Ale. It sold out in a hurry.

This month’s “Session” asked beer bloggers the question “Festivals: Geek Gathering or Beer Dissemination?” Joan Villar-i-Martí, who blogs from Barcelona, has rounded up the best responses.

Finally, thousands of whiskey barrels have found their way to craft breweries. Now, Heavy Seas Brewing Company has returned the favor, sending its brewhouse tanks to a distillery.

Dead Guy Ale?

When was the first batch of beer fermented in Europe? No later than around 4400 B.C., according to researchers at the University of Barcelona. Fourteen years ago, at a cave southwest of Barcelona, the researchers discovered four human skeletons, along with part of a cup in which evidence of oxalate and and barleycorn was found. One skeleton, of a middle-aged male, was accompanied by various burial goods, including a two-handled drinking vessel. It’s believed that beer might have been part of the death ritual.

The Friday Mash (Starkbierzeit Edition)

The people of Munich practice an interesting form of Lenten self-denial. It’s called Starkbierzeit, or “strong beer season.” The city’s top breweries brew extra-potent doppelbocks and serve them amid the Bavarian pageantry of beer halls. It’s an event you have to experience at least once.

And now, The Mash…

Ted Mott, Portsmouth Brewery’s brewmaster, has a video with the details about Kate the Great 2010. Release day is Monday.

The Brewers Association’s new website,, was officially launched yesterday morning.

Free Our Beer, a website devoted to making Ontario’s distribution system friendlier to craft brewers, details the red tape involved in “importing” Garrison Imperial India pale ale from Nova Scotia.

Four people from the world of brewing are semi-finalists for a James Beard Foundation award in the “Outstanding Wine and Spirits Professional” category. They are Larry Bell, Sam Calagione, Jim Koch, and Garrett Oliver.

Sticker shock! A can of Surly at the Minnesota Twins’ new ballpark, Target Field, will set you back $10.

Jay, who blogs at Hedonist Beer Jive, found two establishments in Barcelona that specialize in craft beer. Their names: La Cerveteca and Cerveceria El Flabiol.

Finally, the collaboration trend continues. In Madison, WI, Great Dane Pub & Brewing Company and Capital Brewery have joined forces to brew a 14-percent ABV “dessert beer”. It’ll be served in five-ounce brandy snifters.

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