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The Friday Mash (Fantasia Edition)

Seventy-five years ago today marked the premiere of Walt Disney’s Fantasia. The animated film opened to mixed reviews, but it is now considered one of the classic animated films of all time.

And now….The Mash! 

We begin in Great Britain, where a 2002 law granting excise tax breaks caused a proliferation of breweries. The country has more than 1,300, and ranks first world-wide in breweries per capita.

Football fans will soon see something new in Bud Light commercials. The National Football League has changed its rules to allow the use of game footage involving active players.

In Oregon, the craft brewing and newly-legalized marijuana industries have something in common: a proliferation of start-up businesses.

Guinness will soon become an all-vegan beer. The brewery will stop using isinglass, a by-product of the fishing industry that’s used to clarify the beer and make yeast settle faster.

Boston-area entrepreneur Adam Oliveri has started a boutique beer distribution business. His Craft Collective has already signed distribution contracts with 16 craft breweries from the Northeast.

How dangerous is a “beer belly”? Depends on one’s fat distribution. Otherwise slim people with a beer belly run a much greater risk of serious health problems than obese people with one.

Finally, San Diego Beer Week isn’t just an opportunity to taste great beer. It also gives new breweries a chance to introduce themselves. More than half of San Diego County’s 115 breweries are less than three years old.

The Friday Mash (Parkinson’s Law Edition)

Nineteen years ago today, British civil servant C. Northcote Parkinson passed away. He is best known for Parkinson’s Law, which states that “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.” Parkinson’s Law explains why you’re at your desk, reading this blog, and waiting for 5:00 to come so you can grab a beer.

And now….The Mash!

We begin in Louisville, where Churchill Downs Racetrack has entered into a multi-year agreement under which Stella Artois will be the official beer of the Kentucky Derby.

Soldotna, Alaska’s Kenai River Brewing Company is making a Belgian-style trippel whose ingredient list includes 15 pounds of gummi bears, or about about 2,565 bears to the batch.

Beer tastes on a Champagne budget? Kupros Bistro, a restaurant in downtown Sacramento, charged its customers $45 for a burger and a 12-ounce glass of Pliny the Younger. The burger alone costs $14.

A court in Lithuania has enjoined a threatened strike by Carlsberg brewery workers, calling beer as vitally essential as medicine. The brewery workers’ union plans to appeal the ruling.

New Jersey hasn’t been a friendly environment for craft brewers, but a bill before the State Senate would eliminate some the legal hurdles would-be breweries now face.

Maybe these guys inspired the “Occupy” movement. In 1937, a group of 40 drinkers in Bend, Oregon, protested a 100-percent increase in the price of a beer by staging a sit-in at Anton Grohar’s tavern.

Finally, German scientists (who else?) conclude that the “beer belly” is a myth. Although people who guzzle lots of beer get bigger waistlines, the rest of their body expands at the same rate.

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