best beer cities

Best Cities for Beer Drinkers

What is America’s best beer city? compiled a list based on five criteria: total number of microbreweries and brewpubs; number of micros and brewpubs per capita; the breweries’ average Yelp score; number of bars per capita; and the average price of a pint of draft beer.

The number-one city—Portland—is somewhat surprising because it’s the one in Maine. What tipped the scales in favor of the “other Portland” was its brewery density: one for every 3,882 residents. Rounding out the top ten: Asheville; Portland, Oregon; Billings, Montana; Denver; Seattle; Wilmington, North Carolina; Missoula, Montana; Pittsburgh; and Cincinnati.

Blair Schiff of KUSA-TV in Denver suggested the the most beer-friendly cities have gloomy weather. However, that doesn’t explain why the Mile High City ranks fifth despite having 300 sunny days per year.

Beer Cities: The Magnificent Seven

Esquire magazine weighs in with its choice of America’s seven best beer cities. Like many other such lists, this one is guaranteed to stir up controversy. The magazine’s picks are Chicago, Denver, New York, Philadelphia, Portland (OR), St. Louis, and San Diego. Which leaves out an awful lot of cities, including these: Asheville, Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington.

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