The Friday Mash (Knuckleball Edition)

On this day in 1939, Hall of Fame pitcher Phil Niekro was born. Niekro didn’t invent the knuckleball, but was one of the best pitchers ever to throw one. He won 318 games (including a record 121 after the age of 40), struck out 3,342 batters, and compiled an ERA of 3.35. Toast-worthy statistics indeed.

And now…The Mash!

We begin in the archives, where a 1988 edition of Celebrator magazine described Schaff-Brau Feuerfest Edel Bier as The most expensive beer in the world. The price? Five bucks. (Hat tip: Andy Crouch of BeerScribe.com.)

La Crosse, Wisconsin-based City Brewing Company is about to buy the Memphis brewery that made Schlitz, Stroh’s, and Coors before making non-alcoholic beverages. City Brewing is at capacity in both La Crosse and Latrobe, Pennsylvania, and needs more capacity.

Flying Dog Ales has filed suit against the Michigan Liquor Control Commission over its decision to ban the sale of Raging Bitch IPA on account of profanity on the label. The brewery argues that the commission’s decision violates its First Amendment rights.

All for one and one for all at the Riverwest Public House in Milwaukee. It’s the city’s first co-op bar.

Poland’s beer is underappreciated, according to Mattie Bamman of EuropeUpClose.com. She offers some recommendations, along with tips on how to pronounce Polish brand names. Maryanne, who’s Polish American, can’t understand why people have problems with those names.

Finally, we’re not sure how they managed this, but St. Arnoldus Brewing Company in Lake Mendota, Wisconsin, will hold a release party this evening for the first-ever beer brewed without yeast.

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