The Friday Mash (Tax Hangover Edition)

Did you put off your taxes until the last possible minute, then rush to the post office to beat the midnight deadline? If so, that’s Reason #2 to pour yourself a beer. What’s Reason #1? Glad you asked. The Mash is up!

Organizing a beer festival? Sean Inman, writing at the Food GPS blog, has a few suggestions.

The Brewers Association has tweaked its style guidelines again. There are 140 styles in all, including American-style Imperial Porter, American-Style India Black Ale, Belgian-style Quadrupel and Fruit Wheat Ale or Lager, which have been either added or defined by the BA.

The latest interview in Deverie Robinson’s “Women in Beer” series spotlights Kim Jordan of New Belgium Brewing Company, who’s proven that brewing pairs well with social justice.

Mario Rubio is hosting the 39th edition of “The Session”. Up for discussion is a popular brewing trend–namely, collaboration. You’re welcome to join in.

A higher calling? St. Mary’s Church in Elsenham, England, is celebrating its 900th birthday with a special commemorative ale.

Finally, there will be an official ale of Seattle Beer Week: Hale’s Double IPA. Beer Week kicks off on May 13.

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