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The Friday Mash (Buffalo Wings Edition)

Fifty years ago today, the first batch of chicken wings was served at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York. There are several versions of how this now-ubiquitous dish came into existence, but there’s little doubt that its creator was Teressa Bellissimo, who deep-fried the wings and then coated them with hot sauce for her hungry guests.

And now….The Mash!

We begin in Vermont, where Nancy Warner’s Potlicker Kitchen sells jellies made with local craft beers. She recommends pairing them with cheese or charcuterie, or using them to glaze grilled meat.

Central Michigan University is the latest school to offer a certificate program in brewing studies. The program includes science courses plus a 200-hour internship at a local brewery.

It appears that Washington’s NFL team is serving bad beer along with bad football. Fans have tweeted pictures of bottles of months-old beer that were served to them at FedEx Field.

Drinking beer might improve your brainpower. Experiments with mice suggest that Xanthohumol, a flavonoid found in beer, improves cognitive function. And it’s available without a prescription.

The 2006 film Beerfest popularized the Bierstiefel or boot-shaped drinking vessel. According to, the custom of drinking beer out of footwear might be thousands of years old.

Emily Price of Esquire magazine offers ten things to do with beer besides drink it. But why would you?

Finally, a group of journalists are playing a brewery version of fantasy football. They held a “draft” of breweries competing in this weekend’s Great American Beer Festival, and will earn points based on the medals their selected breweries earn.

The Friday Mash (Ogden Nash Edition)

On this day in 1902, Ogden Nash was born. Nash, a writer of light verse, is best known for surprising, pun-like rhymes–sometimes with words deliberately misspelled for comic effect.

And now….The Nash!

We begin in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, where Mike Pinto popped the question to his girlfriend, Dawn Rebodillo, in the middle of their tour of the Samuel Adams brewery. She said yes.

Planning a beer trek to Colorado? Journalist Ed Sealover has made your travels easier with his new guidebook to the state’s 100-plus breweries. And yes, he’s been to all of them.

FedEx Field in Washington, D.C., has upped the price of a beer to $9, prompting this comment from Washington City Paper’s Dave McKenna: “shouldn’t you also be able to buy a lap dance at an establishment where drinks are going for that price?”

Upon returning to civilian life, army veteran Mike McCreary started the Cavalry Brewery in Connecticut. It turns out five English-style ales, all named for his team in Iraq.

Jon Abernathy, who blogs at The Beer Site, has the roundup from Session #54, which was devoted to sour beer.

Scientists at the University of Valladolid in Spain have found that dark beers contain more iron than light-colored beers. Ludwig wants to know whether they performed an analysis of Iron City Light.

Finally, from the Not Just for Breakfast Anymore Department. Cris Carl of has 14 household uses for beer, including humanely killing mice and loosening rusty bolts. Full cans are good insulation material, too.

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