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The Friday Mash (Night at the Opera Edition)

Fifty years ago today, the Metropolitan Opera House opened at Lincoln Square in Manhattan. The opening-night performance was the world premiere of Antony and Cleopatra by Samuel Barber.

And now…The Mash!

We begin on ESPN College GameDay, where Sam Crowder held up a sign last Saturday asking Vemmo users to send him beer money. Within hours, more than 2,000 people contributed.

BBC correspondent Stephen Evans hopped a flight to make a beer run…all the way to Beijing. His Chinese friends had made a trip to the border to acquire “forbidden” Taedonggang beer, which is brewed in North Korea.

Here’s a solution to a problem you didn’t know you had. It’s a beer mug that won’t block your view of the TV when you’re drinking.

Pork roll aka Taylor ham, a New Jersey breakfast favorite, is now a beer ingredient. Flying Fish Brewing Company has released Exit 7 Pork Roll Porter as part of its “Exit Series”.

Tampa’s Cigar City Brewing has rolled out a beer honoring the stereotypical “Florida Man”. The label for this beer, a double IPA, depicts a man wrestling an alligator—and winning.

Beer is more expensive than ever at NFL stadiums, but there’s one consolation: you can now buy craft beer from breweries that Anheuser-Busch InBev and MillerCoors recently acquired.

Finally, Nebraska liquor regulators have banned homebrewers from beer festivals. Because homebrewers aren’t licensed, there’s no assurance that they meet health and sanitation standards.

The Friday Mash (Treasure State Edition)

On this day in 1889, Montana was admitted to the Union as the 41st state. Montana, with 36 craft breweries and a population of just over one million, ranks third in number of breweries per capita, behind only Vermont and Oregon. No wonder its nickname is the “Treasure State.”

And now….The Mash!

We begin in San Francisco, where a company called ReGrained is using spent grain from beer brewing to make granola bars. The bars also contain Ghirardelli chocolate and other local ingredients.

Bottle-share parties have gotten much more sophisticated over the years. Portland, Oregon, writer Lucy Burningham sampled rare beer and gourmet food at a high-end gathering in her hometown.

Why are holiday beers already on the shelves? Because early rollouts work. Sales of seasonal beers have risen by 15 percent or more in the past few years.

Cassava is the second most-consumed source of carbohydrates in sub-Saharan Africa. Multi-national breweries are buying the crop from farmers and using it to brew beer.

Japanese baseball players have their version of America’s post-game Champagne celebration: a victory beer fight in which players spray one another. The tradition dates back to 1959.

Craft beer might be the next big tourist attraction in the Tampa Bay area. Four micros have recently opened in St. Petersburg alone, and Tampa’s Cigar City Brewing Company has a nation-wide following.

Finally, it has been a year since Hurricane Sandy heavily damaged the Jersey Shore. Flying Fish Brewing Company’s “F.U. Sandy” beer has generated $75,000 in donations to a number of New Jersey charities.

Beer…By the Numbers

  • Time for Three Floyds’ Dark Lord Day Golden Tickets to sell out: 23 minutes.
  • Cost of a Golden Ticket: $10.
  • Cost of a bottle of Dark Lord: $15.
  • Beers in New Jersey-based Flying Fish Brewing Company’s “Exit Series”: 7 so far.
  • Highest exit number on the New Jersey Turnpike: 18.
  • Number of breweries in Colorado: 111
  • Percent of Colorado’s breweries located in Denver: 9.
  • Cost of an unlimited beer ticket at the 2011 Preakness: $20.
  • Cost of an unlimited beer and wine package on Carnival Cruise Lines: $29 per day.
  • Budweiser’s share of the U.S. beer market: 10.2 percent.
  • Bud Light’s share of the U.S. beer market: 21.2 percent.
  • What Anheuser-Busch paid to acquire Goose Island Brewing Company: $38.8 million.
  • World-wide value of brewery acquisitions in the past five years: $141.9 billion.
  • Barrels of craft beer sold in the U.S. in 2010: 10 million.
  • Increase over 2009: 11 percent.
  • Increase over 1980: 37,787 percent.
  • Beer and Bivalves

    Wednesday’s Washington Post had a story by Greg Kitsock which, featured two East Coast microbreweries that brew oyster stouts. Beers brewed with real oysters.

    One of these beers is Flying Fish’s Exit 1 Bayshore Oyster Stout. One hundred oysters went into a 25-barrel batch. The other is Harpoon Brewery’s Island Creek Oyster Stout, part of Harpoon’s “100 Barrel Series” of specialty beers. These small-batch beers were brewed to call attention to America’s oyster industry, which has fallen on hard times.

    And from Portland, Oregon, comes word that Upright Brewing Company will release its batch of oyster stout tomorrow.

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