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How Many of These Beers Have You Enjoyed?

Last month, Food & Wine magazine asked 21 members of the craft beer community to rank the most important craft beers of all time. Josh Noel of the Chicago Tribune decided to follow up with his own top 25.

What makes a beer important? Noel elaborates:

To me, the definition is simple: It’s one that either changed consumer tastes or how breweries approach making beer. Some of the beers below have influenced both drinkers and brewers. Others hew more in one direction than the other. Others find their power in the brand or the package even more than the beer.

Noel agrees with much of the Food & Wine list, but also take several exceptions. You might, too.

Craft Beer Invades Wall Street

CNBC reporter Maria Bartiromo took time out from covering financial markets to talk about craft brewing with Dana Cowin, the editor-in-chief of Food & Wine magazine, and Shane Welch, president of Sixpoint Brewery. In addition to microbrews, Baritromo’s guests brought some food made with beer.

Unfortunately, food and beer can’t be shared online, so you’ll have to supply your own. But as always, the video is free:

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