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The Friday Mash (Strait and Narrow Edition)

On this day in 1520, Ferdinand Magellan discovered a navigable sea route separating South America and Tierra del Fuego. The treacherous body of water is now known as the Strait of Magellan.

And now…The Mash!

We begin in Columbus, Ohio, where Scotland-based BrewDog will have a brewery up and running late this winter. BrewDog is also raising capital by crowdfunding: you can buy shares for $47.50 each.

It took him 16 tries, but reddit user “boomboomsaloon” finally succeeded in buying beer using a Blockbuster Video membership card as proof of age.

“It’s like a death in the family”, said Revolution Brewing Founder Josh Deth after he recalled more than 10,000 barrels of beer that didn’t meet his brewery’s quality standards.

Kirin Brewing Company, Japan’s second-largest brewery, will buy a 25-percent stake in Brooklyn Brewing Company. Kirin will introduce Brooklyn’s beers in Japan and distribute them in Brazil.

Food blogger Kyle Marcoux aka The Vulgar Chef found a new way to pair beer and pizza. He made a koozie by rolling a square pizza base with pepperoni and mozzarella around a beer can.

Engineers at University of Colorado have developed a process to make lithium-ion battery electrodes from the sugar-rich wastewater created in the beer-making process.

Finally, beer writer Josh Bernstein says these six trends will be the talk of 2017: Marzen beers in the fall, the revival of Kolsch beers, juice-like IPAs, milk stouts, coffee beers, and fruited sour beers.

The Friday Mash (Road Rally Edition)

One hundred years ago today, the first Rallye Automobile Monte-Carlo took place. The race, which kicks off the annual road rally season, is a demanding test for automobiles and, especially, drivers, who have to face harsh weather and bad roads. Hey, that sounds like driving in Michigan, which is enough to drive anyone to drink.

And now…The Mash!

We begin in San Luis Obispo, California, where Cal Poly professor Raul Cano has brewed a beer with 45 million year-old yeast. Cano’s operation is, fittingly, known as the Fossil Fuels Brewing Company.

Matt Goulding and Matt Bean did some beer traveling in Belgium. They sampled Cantillon’s gueuze, hoisted a few in Bruges, and visited the home of Westvleteren 12.

Is warm beer is better for the environment? The Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation thinks so. It found, for instance, that “cool zones” where chilled beer is stocked, contribute 15 per cent of the corporation’s total greenhouse gas emissions.

Beer writer Josh Berstein got a big surprise in Mexico. No, not Montezuma’s Revenge, but hefty bottle deposits: the equivalent of 50 cents or more on a one-liter bottle of Sol.

From the Better Late Than Never Department: the Russian Parliament is about to classify beer as an alcoholic beverage.

With another Super Bowl fast approaching, Sports Illustrated’s Steve Rushin takes the brewing industry to task for beer ads that portray men as idiots.

Finally, South Africa’s Kruger National Park is considering a ban on alcohol to cut down on drunk driving, disorderly behavior, and–something that really upsets Ludwig–abuse of animals.

Ten Great Stouts Not Named “Guinness”

With St. Patrick’s Day coming up, Joshua Bernstein, writing in, recommends ten stouts not named Guinness. To their credit, Maryanne and Paul have tried seven of the ten.

Shameless plug: Not too long ago, Paul spoke with Joshua Bernstein about beer festivals. At the time, Josh was working on an article about America’s Best Beer Festivals, which appeared on

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