Kentucky Derby

The Friday Mash (Mickey D’s Edition)

On this day in 1955, the first McDonald’s restaurant franchised by Ray Kroc, opened in Des Plaines, Illinois. This event is considered the official founding of McDonald’s Corporation, which now has some 68,000 locations in 119 countries worldwide.

And now…The Mash!

We begin in Cincinnati, where Queen City Exchanges learned they can’t offer NYSE-like “dynamic pricing” of its beers. Ohio law forbids a retailer to change the price of beer more than once a month.

Federal regulators ruled that the Indeed Brewing Company’s “Lavender Sunflower Date aka LSD Honey Ale”, wasn’t an acceptable name–even though the beer contains no hallucinogens.

Colorado has seen a long-running battle over selling full-strength beer in grocery stores. If the stores win, 3.2 beer will likely disappear from the state.

Author Franz Kafka had a terrible relationship with his bullying father, and the two had almost nothing common–except an appreciation of beer: Czech beer, of course.

More than 30 North Carolina craft breweries are joining forces to brew a special beer to fight House Bill 2, a new state law that rolls back municipal protections of LGBT people.

Sterling, a 150-plus-year-old Louisville-brewed beer, is making a comeback. The brand is known for a 1960-70s series of beers named after Kentucky Derby winners.

Finally, one consequence of the U.S. easing travel restrictions to Cuba has been a run on local beer. Cerveceria Bucanero can’t make enough Cristal beer to keep up with tourist-fueled demand.

The Friday Mash (Parkinson’s Law Edition)

Nineteen years ago today, British civil servant C. Northcote Parkinson passed away. He is best known for Parkinson’s Law, which states that “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.” Parkinson’s Law explains why you’re at your desk, reading this blog, and waiting for 5:00 to come so you can grab a beer.

And now….The Mash!

We begin in Louisville, where Churchill Downs Racetrack has entered into a multi-year agreement under which Stella Artois will be the official beer of the Kentucky Derby.

Soldotna, Alaska’s Kenai River Brewing Company is making a Belgian-style trippel whose ingredient list includes 15 pounds of gummi bears, or about about 2,565 bears to the batch.

Beer tastes on a Champagne budget? Kupros Bistro, a restaurant in downtown Sacramento, charged its customers $45 for a burger and a 12-ounce glass of Pliny the Younger. The burger alone costs $14.

A court in Lithuania has enjoined a threatened strike by Carlsberg brewery workers, calling beer as vitally essential as medicine. The brewery workers’ union plans to appeal the ruling.

New Jersey hasn’t been a friendly environment for craft brewers, but a bill before the State Senate would eliminate some the legal hurdles would-be breweries now face.

Maybe these guys inspired the “Occupy” movement. In 1937, a group of 40 drinkers in Bend, Oregon, protested a 100-percent increase in the price of a beer by staging a sit-in at Anton Grohar’s tavern.

Finally, German scientists (who else?) conclude that the “beer belly” is a myth. Although people who guzzle lots of beer get bigger waistlines, the rest of their body expands at the same rate.

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