The Friday Mash (Mac Edition)

Thirty-two years ago today, Apple Corporation introduced the Macintosh, which popularized the mouse and the graphical user interface. The introduction came in the form of the famous “1984” television commercial during Super Bowl XVIII.

And now….The Mash!

We begin in Michigan, where Founders Brewing Company, having filed the necessary paperwork, can once again sell Breakfast Stout with a baby on the label.

In the UK, health officials now recommend that men drink no more than six pints of beer per week. They also warn that drinking any amount of alcohol can cause health problems.

Paste magazine introduces you to seven “ridiculous, but kind of awesome” beer gadgets. They include a CO-2 injection system for growlers and a bottle that imparts an oak taste.

New laws in a number of states have encouraged “farm-to-keg” breweries, which make and serve beer using ingredients grown on site. These breweries operate much like wineries.

Did you get a drone for Christmas? AC Shilton of Outside magazine explains how can you train your new toy to fetch and deliver your beer.

In Australia, Quentin Tarantino was presented with a six-pack of Victoria Bitter in cans specially designed to honor him. He was joined onstage by actors Kurt Russell and Samuel L. Jackson.

Finally, the Craft Brewers Alliance plans to distribute Kona beer in Brazil. It cited “the great synergies between Hawaiian and Brazilian culture, with their amazing beaches and strong water lifestyles.”

Christopher Columbus and Lager Beer

After years of hunting for it, scientists are 99.5 percent certain that they’ve have found the yeast strain that made cold-temperature lagering possible. The yeast, which was given the name Saccharomyces eubayanus, was discovered in the beech forests of Patagonia. It feasts on sugar-rich growths, called galls, that live on the trees.

How did S. eubayanus get from southern Argentina to Europe? That’s where Columbus comes in. His first voyage ushered in the “Columbian Exchange,” an era of large-scale contact between the Old and New Worlds when everything from plants and animals to communicable diseases crossed the ocean. One possible explanation for the appearance of the yeasts in Europe is that they hitched a ride on a load of beech wood bound for a monastery.

The Tuesday Mash

Can’t wait for Friday? We can’t bring Friday to you any sooner, but we can bring you a bonus edition of The Mash!

We begin in Witney, England, where British Prime Minister David Cameron quaffed a couple of beers at the Charlbury Beer Festival and played the traditional pub game “Aunt Sally.” Ludwig wonders if the PM reads his blog.

Looking for something different in a summer beer? Andy Sparhawk of has some recommendations. His list covers a number of styles and all regions of the country.

Circle August 4 on your calendar. In the meantime, head straight to your favorite beer store to get ready for the inaugural International IPA Day.

Martin Luther, who was known to enjoy beer, certainly would approve of “Beer and Hymns” at a Massachusetts brew pub. It’s a chance for Lutherans to meet in an environment less formal than church.

Ashley Rouston, The Beer Wench, asked her readers an intriguing question: Would you drink beer if it didn’t contain alcohol? She got plenty of responses, yes, no, and in between.

Things are looking up for baseball fans in D.C. Not only are the Nationals playing .500 ball, but the National Restaurant Group plans to open a brewpub near Nationals Stadium next year.

Finally, why did lager conquer northern Germany? According to an anonymous Englishman who visited in 1859, it was became pre-lager beer was sehr schlecht. (Hat tip: “Barm” at I Might Have a Glass of Beer).

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