The Friday Mash (Viking Cruises Edition)

On this day in 888 A.D., the Vikings began a siege of Paris after the city’s ruler, Count Odo, refused the invaders’ demand for tribute. The siege was the most important event in the reign of the then-French king who has an appropriate name for this day after Thanksgiving: Charles the Fat.

And now….The Mash!

We begin on YouTube, where a sunbathing woman texted a neighbor, asking him to send over a beverage. The neighbor obliged, delivering a can of beer to her by mini-drone.

Now that Oklahoma voted to allow full-strength beer sales in stores, a Tulsa newspaper called on state lawmakers to scrap other “puritanical anachronisms” that are still on the books.

Chicago welcomed its first contract brewery, Great Central Brewing Company. Next year, it will open a taproom offering a variety of Chicago-brewed beers.

An alliance called No Patents on Seeds has called on Carlsberg to give up its three patents on mutant strains of barley. The strains provide new enzymes to develop “more distinctive”, flavor-stable beers.

Lifelong friends Collin Poseley and Eggie Foust have created Craft Beer: The Board Game. It takes five minutes to learn, and it can be played while inebriated.

The rapper Ludacris, an Atlanta native, has opened his long-awaited Chicken & Beer restaurant at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. Its menu is “Southern to the core”.

Finally, Ayla Bystrom-Williams, the owner of Honeymoon Brewery, beat out 13,000 competitors and won a $200,000 Miller Lite “Tap the Future” award. She’s one of the country’s few black female brewery owners.

The Friday Mash (Saint Knut Edition)

Today Swedes and Finns celebrate the Feast of Saint Knut, which marks the end of Christmas season. Years ago, men celebrated by dressing as Nuuttipukki, an evil version of Santa Claus, and wandering from house to house demanding food and especially alcohol. Ludwig recommends enjoying a beverage at home instead.

And now…The Mash!

We begin in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, which wants to bring back the good old days at county parks by inviting vendors to set up beer gardens.

To celebrate the 2012 London Olympics, Camden Town Brewery is re-creating Elephant Ale, which was brewed and drunk in London in 1908, the last time the city hosted the Games

Rap star Ludacris is about to open his Chicken and Beer restaurant in Concourse D of Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. It’s named after his third album.

Don’t you wish you had a convenience store like this in your neighborhood? A Super Deli Mart in West Seattle not only stocks hundreds of beers, but serves some of the West Coast’s rarest beers on draft.

A website called RehabToday has put together a poster titled Prohibition Did What?, which details The Great Experiment’s unintended bad consequences (hat tip: Ashley Rouston, The Beer Wench).

Jay Brooks of the Brookston Beer Bulletin takes aim at Consumer Reports‘ ratings of mainstream beers. His complaints? The magazine limited its review to mainstream products, and gave good ratings to lousy beers.

Finally, Louisiana State University has punted on partnering with a local brewery to honor the 1958 football team because the beer would violates Collegiate Licensing Association guidelines.

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