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The Friday Mash (Mickey D Edition)

Seventy-five years ago today, Richard and Maurice McDonald opened a fast-food restaurant in San Bernardino, California. Businessman Ray Kroc bought out the brothers’ equity, and turned it into a world-wide franchise operation.

And now…The Mash!

We begin in Greater Detroit, where Griffin Claw Brewing Company has brewed an amber ale for the Detroit Zoo. It hopes to distribute the ale statewide, with part of proceeds going back to the zoo.

Can Belgian beer help you lose weight? Professor Tim Spector of King’s College London contends that it contains bacteria that keeps people slim. Junk food, on the other hand, kills these bacteria.

Many craft beer lovers hold Blue Moon in low regard. However, investment firm executive Charles Sizemore believes the beer is a winner for MillerCoors: it appeals to high-income casual drinkers who want a beer or two after work.

Munich’s Hofbrauhaus is franchising another American location. The latest is a historic dining hall in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida, which will be given the HB look and feel.

In her ad for [redacted] Beer, comedian Amy Schumer unleashed a snark attack on beer commercials. Fair warning: the video in this link is not safe for work.

The next-to-last episode of Mad Men showed Don Draper in an Oklahoma watering hole, listening to veterans telling war stories while drinking Lone Star beer and other adult beverages.

Finally, YouTuber Dave Hax shows you how to turn a box of tall-boy beer bottles into a picnic cooler. Cut open the top of the box to make a lid, pull all of the beer out, line it with a plastic bag, and put the beer back in. Add plenty of ice…and voila!

Beer…By the Numbers

  • Anheuser-Busch InBev U.S. market share: 39 percent.
  • Miller Coors U.S. market share: 26 percent.
  • Grupo Modelo (Corona et al.) U.S. market share: 7 percent.
  • Last year’s craft beer production: 13.7 million barrels.
  • Increase over 2011 production: 12 percent (1.5 million barrels).
  • Boston Beer Company’s 2012 production: 2.2 million barrels.
  • Its share of the U.S. craft beer market: 15.7 percent.
  • Breweries in Germany (population: 80 million): more than 1,300.
  • Brewery closures in Germany since 2000: 223.
  • German “Big Six” breweries owned by multinational corporations: 5.
  • Percent of college freshmen who said they drank beer in 2012: 33.4.
  • Percent who said they drank beer in 2007: 41.2.
  • Percent who said they drank beer in 1982: 75.1.
  • Attendance at the 2008 Craft Brewers Conference: 2,200.
  • Expected attendance at this year’s Craft Brewers Conference: over 5,000.
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