National Bohemian beer

The Friday Mash (”Happy Birthday, Internet” Edition)

On this day in 1969, the Internet Engineering Task Force and the Internet Society issued their first Request for Comments. The publication of RFC-1 is considered the Internet’s unofficial birthday.

And now…The Mash!

We begin in Newport, Oregon, the home of Rogue Ales and its famous 40-foot-tall red silo. Opinions differ as how the silo got there, but everyone agrees that the town fathers thought it was an eyesore.

In Kentucky, you can enjoy local craft beer or bourbon at most of the state’s resort parks. The state plans to offer adult beverages in all state parks which have restaurants and where alcohol is legal.

Michelob Ultra sales have risen by 27 percent over three years. Jeff Alworth puts the brand’s success in context: light beer still dominates the market, and Michelob Ultra is considered trendy.

Yes, it’s possible to grow hops in Brazil. Grower Rodrigo Veraldi has been experimenting with the plants, and one of his varieties thrives in the hot, rainy climate near Sao Paolo.

Bad news for Baltimoreans: National Bohemian is no longer available at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. “Natty Boh” enjoyed a brief reprieve last season, but fell off the menu after the first homestand.

IBU is an important quality-control number for brewers, but it’s not very helpful for beer drinkers. Malt content has a big effect on perceived bitterness, and the average drinker can’t perceive IBUs beyond the 100-120 range.

Finally, the University of North Dakota’s “Beer Grandma” has passed away. Beth Delano, who has attended UND men’s hockey games since 1947, became famous when the scoreboard video caught her quaffing a beer during a break in the action.

Hey Beer Man!

Opening Day comes early this year: March 31. So it’s time to talk beer and baseball.

National Bohemian beer, which was locally-owned until 1979, will return to Baltimore Orioles games this season. It’s not as good as bringing back Mike Flanagan, Eddie Murray, and Ken Singleton from the 1979 team, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Even Baltimoreans would be hard-pressed to call “Natty Boh” a craft beer, but fine beer is available at major league parks. Rob Iracane of Yahoo! Sports picks the best ballpark beers. Ludwig was delighted to see Mac & Jack’s African Amber on the list. Not only is the beer highly quaffable, but the brewery logo is a majestic-looking African lion.

And here’s a brain teaser from “Dex,” a baseball blogger in San Diego. It’s a photo of a concession stand at Petco Park. Dex asks: How many different brands of beer can you find in the cooler?

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