The Friday Mash (Tiffany’s Edition)

On this day in 1837, the retailer now known as Tiffany’s was founded by Charles Lewis Tiffany and Teddy Young in New York City. The founders called their store a “stationery and fancy goods emporium.” However, Tiffany’s didn’t serve breakfast, let alone Founder’s Breakfast Stout.

And now….The Mash! 

We begin in Sacramento, where the inaugural California Craft Beer Summit took place. This two-day festival attracted the biggest names in craft brewing, who talked about the state of the industry.

Listen up, class. Sylvester Schneider, the owner of Zum Schneider in New York City, has prepared a video to show you how to pour wheat, pilsner, and lager beer like a German.

A boarding school in Zimbabwe has slapped a ban on breakfast cereal. Students mixed it with brown sugar, water, and yeast, then left it in the sun to ferment into beer.

The recipes for New Belgium Brewing Company’s dubbel and trippel Belgian-style ales are getting a makeover. The changes, which include a different yeast strain, will make the beers more authentically Belgian tasting.

A video of six Scottish men, drinking beer at the bottom of a swimming pool while on vacation in Florida, was viewed more than 1.8 million times on YouTube in the week after it was posted.

Greg Koch, the founder of Stone Brewing Company, is stepping down as CEO. He’ll stay on as executive chairman, and he promises not to sell out to one of the big breweries.

Finally, even though China is a huge beer market, intense competition has made it tough for breweries to make much of a profit. That problem could get worse as the country’s economy slows.

2011 Beer Weeks

Ludwig says it’s never too early to plan your beer travel. And with that in mind, here is a list of 2011 Beer Weeks for which he’s found confirmed dates:

February 11–20: San Francisco Beer Week.

Feburary 27-March 6: Sacramento Craft Beer Week. The 2011 dates have not yet been posted on the event website, but a Sacramento Bee reporter got these dates from the event’s executive director.

March 18-27: Charlotte Craft Beer Week.

May 16-22: American Craft Beer Week (nation-wide).

June 3-12: Philly Beer Week.

July 10-16: Ohio Brew Week, Athens, Ohio.

Ludwig has also found the Facebook page for this year’s Syracuse Beer Week. The dates are November 7-13.

And he’s heard from reliable sources that this year’s Detroit Beer Week will take place October 15-23. The website is expected to go live shortly, and the main event will be the Michigan Brewers Guild’s Detroit Fall Festival on the 23rd at Eastern Market.

The Friday Mash (22-Ounce Bomber Edition)

Pull up a chair. Pour yourself a beer. A big beer. We’ve got lots to talk about.

Dr. Fabulous, who blogs at Make Mine Potato, explains how he livens up his tasting notes in an amusing reflection called “Beer Vocabulary.”

Maxim magazine’s “The Best 25 New Beers in America” met with some biting criticism in the beer blogosphere. Stan Hieronymus rants with style about what’s wrong with Maxim’s list.

Boak and Bailey, a pair of beer bloggers from England, offer some pub recommendations for Canterbury.

Here are seven reasons to visit Brewery Ommegang this year. The brewery plans to release a new beer every two months. That makes six. The seventh reason? The Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, of course.

King me! Draft magazine has a list of the Top Ten Beers Named After Royalty.

Swedish college students staged a tongue-in-cheek protest over the Carlsberg brewery’s failure to build a 60-plus-mile beer pipeline to their student union.

Finally, the guys at The Lazy Brewer held an exploratory Amtrak pub crawl from California’s Central Valley to Sacramento. Ah, research.

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