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The Friday Mash (Fantasia Edition)

Seventy-five years ago today marked the premiere of Walt Disney’s Fantasia. The animated film opened to mixed reviews, but it is now considered one of the classic animated films of all time.

And now….The Mash! 

We begin in Great Britain, where a 2002 law granting excise tax breaks caused a proliferation of breweries. The country has more than 1,300, and ranks first world-wide in breweries per capita.

Football fans will soon see something new in Bud Light commercials. The National Football League has changed its rules to allow the use of game footage involving active players.

In Oregon, the craft brewing and newly-legalized marijuana industries have something in common: a proliferation of start-up businesses.

Guinness will soon become an all-vegan beer. The brewery will stop using isinglass, a by-product of the fishing industry that’s used to clarify the beer and make yeast settle faster.

Boston-area entrepreneur Adam Oliveri has started a boutique beer distribution business. His Craft Collective has already signed distribution contracts with 16 craft breweries from the Northeast.

How dangerous is a “beer belly”? Depends on one’s fat distribution. Otherwise slim people with a beer belly run a much greater risk of serious health problems than obese people with one.

Finally, San Diego Beer Week isn’t just an opportunity to taste great beer. It also gives new breweries a chance to introduce themselves. More than half of San Diego County’s 115 breweries are less than three years old.

Beer…By the Numbers

  • U.S. alcoholic beverage sales in 2013: $174 billion.
  • Beer’s share of U.S. alcoholic beverage sales: 48 percent (craft beer accounts for 7 percent, non-craft for 41 percent).
  • Spirits’ share of U.S. alcoholic beverage sales: 34 percent.
  • Dollar value of Bud Light (America’s #1 seller) sold in 2014: $5.95 billion.
  • Dollar value of Coors Light (America’s #2 seller) sold in 2014: $2.36 billion.
  • Dollar value of India pale ale sold in 2014: $547 million.
  • Increase in IPA sales between 2013 and 2014: 50 percent.
  • Increase in craft beer sales between 2013 and 2014: 20 percent.
  • Sweden’s brewery count: 145.
  • Its brewery count in 1988: 7.
  • San Diego County’s brewery count in 2014: 97 (up from 37 in 2011).
  • Brewing industry’s impact on San Diego County’s economy: $599.4 million (up from $299.5 million in 2011).
  • Beers served at last weekend’s Michigan Brewers Guild Winter Beer Festival: 1,035.
  • Breweries represented at that festival: 103.
  • Breweries represented at the Guild’s first Winter Beer Festival in 2006: 21.
  • The Friday Mash (CNN Edition)

    On this day in 1980, the Cable News Network debuted. After an introduction by Ted Turner, the husband and wife team of David Walker and Lois Hart anchored the network’s first newscast.

    Travel tip: if you’re going to Toronto this summer, do not refer to that enormous tower on the lakefront as the “CNN Tower.” Every Canadian within earshot will give you a dirty look.

    And now…The Mash!

    We begin in Colorado, where the owners of Oskar Blues hope to operate a “beer train” between their Longmont and Boulder locations.

    Sara Dickerman of the New York Times updates us on San Diego’s craft beer scene. San Diego County has more than 50 breweries, and many of the area’s beers can be found far from California.

    India and Pakistan fought three major wars in the 20th century, but beer might bring them closer together. Pakistan’s Murree Brewery will start selling its lager to India for the first time since the two countries were partitioned in 1947.

    In Grayslake, Illinois, four hockey fanatics are starting a brewery. All Light the Lamp Brewery beers–for example, Sin Bin Stout–will have hockey-themed names.

    Tuscany is known the world over for its wine but even there, craft beer is making inroads. The region has more than 30 craft breweries, plus a number of bars that specialize in local beer.

    The term “dive bar” gets a new meaning, thanks to a bar inside a fully functional submarine. The sub recently took guests to the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

    Finally, Martyn Cornell, The Zythophile, identifies some endangered beer species, including some that are critically endangered in his native Britain.

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