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The Friday Mash (Get Vaccinated! Edition)

Sixty years ago today, Elvis Presley received a polio vaccination on national television. That single event is credited with raising immunization levels in the United States from 0.6% to over 80% in just six months.

And now…The Mash!

We begin on the Formula 1 racing circuit, where in the early 1980s, Gordon Murray’s inventive pit crew rigged up a fuel system using pressurized beer kegs that could pump 30 gallons of fuel into a car in just three seconds.

A North Carolina judge was convicted of bribery after offering a deputy sheriff two cases of Bud Light in exchange for his wife’s text messages. The judge later upped his offer to $100.

Two employee-owned breweries, Harpoon Brewery and Odell Brewing Company, have collaborated to brew a beer called EHOP. It’s an oatmeal pale ale.

Vietnam’s government will sell off two state-owned breweries which have a 60-plus-percent market share. Vietnam, with 93 million people, is one of Asia’s top beer-drinking countries.

This week, Britain’s smallest pub—which has room for just three—is offering free beer, but there’s a catch: you can’t use your mobile phones inside the pub.

Indianapolis-based Central State Brewing has something for Harry Potter fans: a sour ale called “Polyjuice Potion”. Its ingredients include plums, elderberries, and “magical bits and bobbles”.

Finally, Brooklyn’s Sixpoint Brewery is making two beers to be enjoyed with single-malt scotches from Highland Park, a distillery in the Orkney Islands. The beers are Rune, a golden oat ale; and Sköll, a roasty ale.

Single Hop Ale

Add this to the ever-lengthening list of beer trends: single-hop ales. Earlier this year, Paul, who’s a big IPA fan, noticed Samuel Adams Latitude 48 Deconstructed at local supermarkets. It features five single-hop IPAs, plus the blended-hop version. Paul says it’s surprisingly good, and he’s been able to find 12-packs as cheap as $12.99.

Sam Adams isn’t the only brewery to–pun intended–hop aboard the bandwagon. Flying Dog Ales has released imperial IPAs brewed with Simcoe, El Dorado and Centennial hops; Brooklyn’s Sixpoint Brewery is rolling out a Spice of Life series, with a different single-hop beer each month for a year; and Danish brewer Mikkeller is going for the world record with a whopping 19 IPAs in its Single Hop Series. Did we mention that Paul’s a big IPA fan?

Craft Beer Invades Wall Street

CNBC reporter Maria Bartiromo took time out from covering financial markets to talk about craft brewing with Dana Cowin, the editor-in-chief of Food & Wine magazine, and Shane Welch, president of Sixpoint Brewery. In addition to microbrews, Baritromo’s guests brought some food made with beer.

Unfortunately, food and beer can’t be shared online, so you’ll have to supply your own. But as always, the video is free:

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