St. Patrick’s Day

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It’s St. Patrick’s Day, and we’re sure you’re marking the occasion with a pint of cheer. If you haven’t decided where to celebrate, Mental Floss magazine is here to help. They’ve listed the best Irish bar in each state.

Public service announcement: Friends don’t let friends drink green beer.

Spotlight on St. Patrick’s Day

In case you’ve forgotten, tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day.

America now has a Homebrewer in Chief. The White House announced that President Obama will be brewing his own beer, White House Honey Ale, for St. Patrick’s Day.

Whether to serve green beer is an annual debate topic among bar owners and patrons. By the way, green beer, like many other St. Patrick’s Day traditions, is of American origin.

William Lee, a mathematician at the University of Limerick, is tackling a problem that’s of great interest to Guinness drinkers: designing a cheaper, more efficient widget that dispenses nitrogen into a Guinness can after it’s opened.

Don Russell, a/k/a Joe Sixpack, sings the praises of an underappreciated style–namely, Irish red ale and chooses the best ones available.

Finally, Guinness has recruited basketball legend Bill Walton as a television spokesperson. Well, he was once a redhead.

Ten Great Stouts Not Named “Guinness”

With St. Patrick’s Day coming up, Joshua Bernstein, writing in, recommends ten stouts not named Guinness. To their credit, Maryanne and Paul have tried seven of the ten.

Shameless plug: Not too long ago, Paul spoke with Joshua Bernstein about beer festivals. At the time, Josh was working on an article about America’s Best Beer Festivals, which appeared on

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