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New Beer Style Guidelines

The Brewers Association is out with its 2014 Beer Style Guidelines. This year’s guidelines represent what the BA calls “the largest revision and reorganization to date.” Several new styles join the list, including Australian-Style Pale Ale, Belgian-Style Fruit Beer, Dutch-Style Kuit, Historical Beer, and Wild Beer. A number of other styles have been consolidated or revised.

The Friday Mash (Ball Four Edition)

On this day in 1939, Jim Bouton was born. Bouton, who pitched for the New York Yankees and several other clubs, is best known for Ball Four, a tell-all account of a major leaguer’s life. The book, which infuriated the baseball establishment when it was published, has become a classic.

And now…Play Ball!

We begin in Cleveland, where the Indians are trying to attract fans by rolling back the price of beer for the upcoming season. A 12-ounce domestic brew will cost $4. Want a hot dog with your beer? It’ll cost you $3.

Celebrity chef Rick Bayless plans to create a new, Latin-themed beer. He’s working with Crown Imports, the company that distributes Corona and Negra Modelo in the United States.

It’s never too early to plan your beer travel, and Robin Fuchs, the founder of Beer Tours USA, has some suggestions: the five best small-brewery tours.

The 2013 Major League Soccer season is underway, and Portland Timbers fans can cheer their team on with Green & Gold Kolsch brewed by Widmer Brothers.

The Brewers Association has added Adambier and Grätzer to its Style Guidelines. The two newcomers bring the BA’s list of recognized beer styles to 142.

Where is John Hall, the former brewmaster at Goose Island Brewing Company, these days? He owns the Virtue Cider Company in Fennville, Michigan.

Finally, if you’re really lazy, and have $1,150 to blow, GrinOn Industries has something for you: an armchair that refills your beer from the bottom up. You’ll still have to arrange your own trips to the bathroom.

The Friday Mash (Halley’s Comet Edition)

On this day in 1656, English astronomer Edmond Halley was born. He’s best known for computing the orbit of the comet that bears his name and–okay, this is a stretch–inspiring the 1955 song “Rock Around the Clock,” which brought rock and roll into the cultural mainstream. Reason enough to have a beer, no?

And now…The Mash!

We begin with the Brewers Association, which rolled out its beer styles for 2011. Two styles have been given new names–say hello to American-Style Brett Ale and American-Style India Black Ale–and several others have new guidelines.

Brooklyn, New York-based Six Point Craft Ales will brew a beer with local wild yeasts wafting around New York Harbor. Some of that beer, which is part of “Mad Scientist” series, will be aged in oak-charred barrels.

Meet Payton Kelly. He’s a “founding father” of Kansas City’s Boulevard Brewing Company and, for more 20 years, he’s designed the brewery’s beer labels.

Van Havig, the brewer at Rock Bottom’s Portland (Oregon) location, has been let go after a 16-year stint at that location. Havig suspects that he was shown the door after criticizing Rock Bottom’s new management for moving to standardize the chain’s beer selections.

Even though it was settled by the Vikings, Iceland is not a world leader in beer culture. That, however, might be changing: craft beer is making an appearance in that country.

Sunday’s New York Times magazine had a long–and very interesting–profile of brewer-turned-governor John Hickenlooper.

Finally, craft beer is about to come to Antarctica. New Zealand’s Moa Brewery is sending three varieties of its beer to New Zealand’s Scott Base.

The Friday Mash (Tax Hangover Edition)

Did you put off your taxes until the last possible minute, then rush to the post office to beat the midnight deadline? If so, that’s Reason #2 to pour yourself a beer. What’s Reason #1? Glad you asked. The Mash is up!

Organizing a beer festival? Sean Inman, writing at the Food GPS blog, has a few suggestions.

The Brewers Association has tweaked its style guidelines again. There are 140 styles in all, including American-style Imperial Porter, American-Style India Black Ale, Belgian-style Quadrupel and Fruit Wheat Ale or Lager, which have been either added or defined by the BA.

The latest interview in Deverie Robinson’s “Women in Beer” series spotlights Kim Jordan of New Belgium Brewing Company, who’s proven that brewing pairs well with social justice.

Mario Rubio is hosting the 39th edition of “The Session”. Up for discussion is a popular brewing trend–namely, collaboration. You’re welcome to join in.

A higher calling? St. Mary’s Church in Elsenham, England, is celebrating its 900th birthday with a special commemorative ale.

Finally, there will be an official ale of Seattle Beer Week: Hale’s Double IPA. Beer Week kicks off on May 13.

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