Tony Kiss

Jobs in Craft Brewing

Want to work in a brewery? Tony Kiss of the Asheville Citizen-Times, who’s spoken to brewery executives, has a few pointers: Don’t count on being offered a tasting job. Be flexible. Prepare to use some elbow grease. And, by all means, hit the books.

The good news is that the big breweries coming to western North Carolina, along with the smaller breweries already in operation, offer a variety of jobs ranging from keg cleaner to social media director to—believe it or not–Director of Fun. Many of those jobs pay a living wage, more than $10 an hour, and a few pay up to $50,000 a year. The bad news is that competition for those jobs is intense, and most applicants will have to start from the bottom. That could mean shlepping bags of grain.

Brewery people say that one way to increase your chances or the better jobs is to sign up for courses in craft brewing. Several schools in the Asheville area offer them.

Asheville: Beer City, USA

How did Asheville, North Carolina, become Beer City USA? The story, told by Carol Motsinger of the Asheville Citizen-Times, began 16 years ago. That’s when retired engineer Oscar Wong founded Highland Brewing Company, the city’s first craft brewery. Wong started his operation in the basement of Barley’s. Today, Highland Brewing is the city’s largest, distributing its product throughout the Southeast.

In all, Asheville has nine craft breweries, and is the home of several beer festivals, including this afternoon’s Winter Warmer Beer Festival. In a recent video, Tony Kiss, the Citizen-Times Beer Guy columnist, talks about craft beer in his city:

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