The Friday Mash (American Bandstand Edition)

On this day in 1957, the pop music show American Bandstand made its national debut. The show was hosted by Dick Clark throughout its run, which ended in 1989. Clark was also the show’s producer, and eventually became its owner.

And now…The Mash!

We begin in Florida, where businessman Sammy Ramos has launched the first craft beer to be marketed to Hispanics. Its brand name is “Boriuca”, which means a person of Puerto Rican heritage—of which there are more than 250,000 in Greater Orlando.

In Kent, England, a Shetland pony named Mocha walked into his owner’s pub and started drinking beer out of stray pint glasses. Feel free to make bad puns on “pony” or “horse”.

This fall, Oregon State University will open a beer garden at its football stadium. Last year the Beavers went 2-10 (0-9 in the PAC-12), so fans might need a few beers before watching them play.

Rupert Stadler, the head of Volkswagen’s Audi division, was forced to repay the company €12,000 ($13,950) for a beer-drinking contest for company managers that he put on his expense account.

The metal band Megadeth has tapped Quebec brewery Unibroue to make a beer called “A Tout le Monde”, named for a song from the group’s 1994 album Youthanasia. It’s a Belgian-style saison ale.

Greene King is brewing “Bobby” beer to honor Bobby Moore, the captain of England’s 1966 World Cup-winning team. Its alcohol content—4.2% ABV—was inspired by the score of the Cup final.

Finally, a group of Chicago businesses, including two well-known beer bars, are encouraging the public to patronize establishments on the #11 bus route, which they hope will earn back a permanent spot on the Chicago Transit Authority map.

The End of the World As We Know It

For months, we’ve been warned that the Mayan Apocalypse will happen this Friday. Even though experts have dismissed these warnings, they do provide breweries with a handy excuse to roll out one-off, end-of-the-world beers.

Some breweries, including the Newport Storm Brewery and the Great Basin Brewing Company, are out with beers containing ingredients that the Mayas might have used when brewing their own beer. They join Dogfish Head Craft Brewery which, in 2008, brought out a prehistoric chocolate beer called Theobroma. It’s released only once a year.

Another beer that might pair well with an end-of-the-world party is Fin du Monde by Unibroue. One of our local beer bars, Ashley’s, has acquired a hard-to-find keg for Friday’s finale.

Quebec Micros in the Spotlight

Over the years, Maryanne and Paul have made several trips to Montreal. Each time they returned, they found a big improvement in the quality–and variety–of Quebec beer.

Now the rest of the world has started to take notice. Last week, a beer called 17, from Chambly-based Unibroue, won top honors at TastingBeers.com’s World Beer Awards. Four other awards in that competition went to Quebec-based breweries.

Jeff Heinrich of the Montreal Gazette profiles 17’s creator, Jerry Vietz, as well as Quebec’s fast-growing craft brew sector.

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