West Virginia

Beer…By the Numbers

  • Bangkok’s brewery count in 2014: 20.
  • Its brewery count in 2013: 4.
  • West Virginia’s craft brewery count: 7.
  • Craft brewing’s impact on West Virginia’s economy: $118 million (46th in the nation).
  • Arrests at Oktoberfest 2014: 720 (39 fewer than at Oktoberfest 2013).
  • Lost objects at Oktoberfest 2014: 3,346 (including 2 wedding rings, a mobile cat carrier, and a German Federal Cross of Merit 2nd-class medal).
  • Founders Brewing Company’s production in 2014: 190,000 barrels.
  • Founders’ projected capacity after expansion is completed: 900,000 barrels.
  • Alcoholic content of All Day IPA, Founders’ largest-selling beer: 4.7 percent by volume.
  • Lagunitas Brewing Company’s production in 2014: almost 600,000 barrels.
  • Increase in Lagunitas’ production over the year before: 60 percent (it opened a second brewery in Chicago).
  • Dos Equis’ sales in 2013: 1.57 million barrels.
  • Increase in Dos Equis’ sales between 2008 and 2013: 116.6 percent (number-one in the nation in sales growth).
  • Most expensive beer in the National Basketball Association: 60 cents an ounce (Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland).
  • Cheapest beer in the NBA: 33 cents an ounce (Chesapeake Arena, Oklahoma City, and Phillips Arena, Atlanta).
  • Beer…By the Numbers

    Annual beer sales in the European Union: over €110 billion ($155 billion).
    Percent of European-brewed beer that is exported: 17.
    Average price of a case of beer at a supermarket $20.34.
    Annual sales of private label beer at supermarkets: $23.6 million.
    These beers’ share of the beer market: .086 percent.
    Cost of a beer at a West Virginia football game this fall: $6.
    Division I schools, besides West Virginia, that sell beer in the stands: 19.
    Germany’s per capita beer consumption last year: 102 liters per year.
    Its annual per capita beer consumption 20 years ago: 141 liters.
    Coors Light’s sales growth from 2009 to 2010: plus 1.1 percent.
    Budweiser sales growth over the same period: minus 7.3 percent.
    Projected size of this year’s Canadian barley crop: 7.7 million tons.
    Average crop over the past five years: 9 million tons.
    Unofficial maximum ABV for “session beer” in Britain: 4% (ABV).
    Unofficial maximum in the U.S.: 4.5% or 5%, depending on who you ask.

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