The Friday Mash (Green Mountain State Edition)

On this day 220 years ago, Vermont was admitted to the Union as the 14th state. Today, the state is famous for its craft beer; in fact, it recently ranked number-one in breweries per capita. Good beer is so plentiful that gas stations sell growlers. But the best place to enjoy it is the Vermont Brewers Festival, which takes place in July on the shores of Lake Champlain in Burlington.

And now…The Mash!

We begin in Bend, Oregon, where it’s now possible to celebrate two great Oregon activities–bicycling and enjoying craft beer–at the same time, now that a 16-seat “Cycle Pub” has made its debut.

Another story from Oregon involves a possible backlash against over-hopped ales. Katherine Cole, the wine columnist for the Oregonian, identifies a couple of new breweries that are going easy on the IBUs.

Australia has earned a reputation for a macho beer-swillers, but women have come into prominence in that country’s beer culture.

Ever wonder where the phrase “paint the town red” originated? Matt Dredge, who blogs at Pencil and Spoon, has the answer.

After more than four and a half centuries of life, Maryland’s Wye Oak was toppled by a thunderstorm in 2002. However, the ancient tree lives on in a special batch of India pale brewed by Baltimore’s Heavy Seas Brewing Company.

Don’t forget The Session #49. This month’s topic is Your “Regular” Beer. Stan Hieronymus, one of the hosts, elaborates on it.

Finally, the Washington Post’s David Hagedorn decided it was time to host a beer pairing dinner. He pulled it off with the assistance of Gwen Conley, the Flying Dog Brewery’s “sensory goddess.”

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