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The Friday Mash (Valley of Death Edition)

On this day in 1854, during the Battle of Balaclava in the Crimean War, a command blunder sent a British light cavalry force on a frontal assault into a Russian artillery battery. The attack, which resulted in heavy casualties for the British, was immortalized in Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s poem “The Charge of the Light Brigade.”

And now….The Mash!

We begin in Fort Worth, Texas, where the Shake n’ Bake Bacon Brew will make its debut next weekend at the AAA Texas 500 NASCAR race. It’s a bacon-infused beer milkshake.

Miami resident Francisco Rene Marty has filed a class-action lawsuit against AB InBev. Marty alleges that AB deceives customers by representing that Beck’s beer is still brewed in Germany.

The Beer Game is an orientation tradition at MIT’s Sloan School of Business. Players aren’t served beer, but the game teaches them about the non-linear complexities of supply chains.

SteadyServ Technologies has attracted $6.5 million in capital to develop the iKeg, a device that monitors how much beer is left in a keg and warns when it’s is about to run dry.

For the past three years, Arizona resident Evo Terra has celebrated Oktoberfest by going on a beer and sausages diet. Terra loses 14 pounds, and his cholesterol level drops by one-third.

Wynkoop Brewery’s brewers Bess Dougherty and Andy Brown explain how blue gummi bears became an ingredient and what a Rolling Stones song has to do with an English brown ale.

Finally, brewers in Antwerp have revived a beer style that disappeared during World War I. It’s Seef beer (pronounced like “safe”), “a white beer that foamed like Champagne, and went to the head like port.”

The Friday Mash (Walpurgisnacht Edition)

In parts of northern and central Europe, the night of April 30 is called Walpurgisnacht, a holiday marking the ceremonial end of winter. It’s celebrated with a bonfire–Ludwig hopes it’s a roaring one–and plenty of beverages.

So what are you waiting for? It’s Friday, and The Mash is up!

Denver’s Wynkoop Brewery revived a tradition from Colorado’ early days: horse-powered beer deliveries. Two Fridays a month, the brewpub’s Clydesdales will deliver beer to several local establishments.

Watch out, Minnesotans. Woody is on the loose. It–not he–is a 5,000-pound oaken beer barrel on wheels that also serves as a traveling bar. Oregon-based Deschutes Brewery is using Woody to promote its beers in, among other places, the Upper Midwest.

Here’s a consolation prize for those who missed Dark Lord Day. Jay Brooks of the Brookston Beer Bulletin toured the Three Floyds Brewery, and has both a slide show and video to share with you.

Last Friday, the Reinheitsgebot celebrated its 494th anniversary. Betsy Matson’s article in Wired magazine offers some interesting trivia about the famous beer purity law. Did you know that the word Reinheitsgebot didn’t appear in print until 1918? Or that Bavaria insisted on giving the law nation-wide effect as a condition of its joining the Weimar Republic?

And while we’re on the subject of Bavaria, Lufthansa announced that its refurbished Business Lounge at Munich’s airport will have a beer garden with draft beer from the barrel and Bavarian pretzels.

Tomorrow afternoon, the Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery in West Des Moines will host the inaugural Farmhouse Ale Fest. The lineup includes Iowa-brewed saisons, farmhouse ales, and Bieres Blanches.

Finally, is money burning a hole in your pocket? Then order the most expensive beer in the world: a bottle of Deus at the Belgian Cafe Bar in Abu Dhabi’s Inter-Continental Hotel.It’ll set you back 190 bucks. Plus tip, of course.

Meet the Beerdrinker of the Year

We have a winner! John Howell, of Sterling, Alaska, has been named 2010 Beerdrinker of the Year. In order to win the annual competition, sponsored by Denver’s Wynkoop Brewery, Howell had to endure a two-hour cross-examination about beer from robed, wigged “judges.”

Howell goes home with a $250 credit at his local brewpub, free beer for life at Wynkoop, and the adulation of beer lovers everywhere.

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