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The Friday Mash (Liechtenstein Edition)

On this day in 1719, the Principality of Liechtenstein was created within the Holy Roman Empire. A couple of fun facts about this tiny country: it is the world’s leading producer of false teeth; and its capital, Vaduz, is one of only two in the world that ends with the letter “z”.

And now….The Mash!

We begin in Pennsylvania, whose incoming governor turned down an offer of free Yuengling for his inauguration. A state senator says the governor snubbed the brewery because of its CEO’s political views.

MillerCoors plans to offer a gluten-free beer. The beer, Coors Peak Copper Lager, will be brewed with brown rice and protein from peas instead of barley.

A New Hampshire lawmaker wants to repeal a Liquor Commission rule banning pictures of children from beer labels. Founders Breakfast Stout’s label features a baby eating cereal.

The Pair O’ Dice Brewing Company in Clearwater, Florida, wanted a really distinctive tap for its Fowler’s Bluff IPA, so it hired Tangible Labs, a 3-D printing company, to fashion one.

A new South Carolina law that allows breweries to sell pints has given the state’s economy a $13.7 million boost. Twelve breweries have opened in the state since the law took effect.

Grease from that slice of pizza you just ate can kill the foam on your beer. It lowers the surface tension on the foam, which tears apart the structure of the bubbles and releases their gases.

Finally, an outcry from angry beer fans forced Lagunitas Brewing Company to drop its trademark suit against Stone Brewing Company. Lagunitas claimed that Stone’s logo for Hop Hunter IPA was too similar to the Lagunitas IPA logo.

Beer…By the Numbers

  • Pink Boots Society membership at its inception in 2008: 22.
  • Its membership today: nearly 700.
  • Length of The Oxford Companion to Beer: 960 pages.
  • Length of All Belgian Beers by Hilde Deweer: 1,568 pages.
  • Estimated value of Australia’s craft beer market today: A$120 million.
  • Projected value of that market five years from now: A$290 million.
  • Calories in a can of Bud Light Platinum: 137.
  • Calories in a can of regular Bud Light: 110.
  • Platinum’s strength, compared to Bud Light: 1.8 percent ABV higher.
  • Days until Platinum’s national launch: 77.
  • Yuengling Brewing Company’s production this year: 2.2 to 2.3 million barrels.
  • Increase over 2010: 5-6 percent.
  • States where Yuengling is sold: 14.
  • Most expensive beer in the NHL: C$9.94 for a 16-ounce cup (Montreal Canadiens).
  • Cheapest beer in the NHL: $6.25 for a 24-ounce cup (Colorado Avalanche).
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